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The Indian Speech and Hearing Association – Bengalooru Chapter (ISHA-BC) is a registered body under the Societies of Registration Act, vide registration No: SOR-SJR 45/07-08 by practicing Speech and Hearing professionals in Bangalore as a chapter of the national body - The Indian Speech and Hearing Association (ISHA). The ISHA-BC adopted the Kempegowda Tower - an icon of Bengaluru, as its logo with an insertion of the logo of ISHA in it. Historically the Kempegowda Tower marks the boundary of the then Bendakaluru (Bangalore) under the glorified ruler of Bangalore, Kempe Gowda around 1537 AD.

Bengaluru has three academic institutions offering speech and hearing training and a numerous practicing professionals to cater to the needs of the people with communication disability. The purpose of formulating ISHA-BC was to bring all the Speech and Hearing practicing professionals and students in Bengaluru on a common platform for exchange of professional knowledge and experience for time-to-time up-gradation, disseminate information to the public, conduct public lectures/seminars/camps and any other professional activities that promote the field.

The first President of ISHA-BC Dr. M.N.Nagraja was installed on 4th November 2007 by (Late) Dr.Vijayalakshmi Basavaraj, who was the President of ISHA for the year 2007-08, as well as former Director, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore. The members of the first EC were Mr. Javara Nayaka, General Secretary, Dr.B.S.Premalatha, Treasurer and other members were, Dr. N.Shivashankar, Dr. G.Purushothama, Dr.Reddy Shivaprasad, Mrs.Radhika Pooviah, Mrs.Naga Poornima and Ms.Rama. These members were also the founder members and subscribers to the memorandum of ISHA-BC.

Dr. M.N.Nagraja


Mr. Javara Nayaka

General Secretary



EC members

Dr. N.Shivashankar

Dr. G.Purushothama

Dr.Reddy Shivaprasad

Mrs.Radhika Pooviah

Mrs.Naga Poornima